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Welcom to the WilsonXWillow FC!!

Welcom to the Wilson x Willow Fanclub!

||Please read the group rules~!!||

Group Rules:

1. What can and can't I submit?
You can submit anything that's related to the Don't Starve fandom, as long as you don't submit art about another couple then Wilson X Willow! If you submit art about another couple, this will be removed within 24 hours.

2. I've made a drawing of their fanchild, can I submit this?
Afcours you can submit that, it's their fanchild and that's related to this couple as well. ;) There will be a special folder of that in the gallery.

3. Can I upload my Don't Starve OC's to this gallery?
We like to see more art related to Willow and Wilson, so, sorry no. ^^; But if you have a drawing of your OC where he's/she's in the pic with Wilson and Willow, we are okay with that. They can be in the pic as long as the couple are friends or lovers.

4. Can I submit hate art to this group?
NO, Even if it's about another couple then Wilson X Willow. The answere is still NO. People moostly do the wrong thing's by this topic. But no, we don't accept hate art.

5. Can I submit a drawing of them beying angry at each other?
Yes, you can, but with a limid. We don't accept them hating each other/killing each other or making shame of the characters/couple.

6. Can I submit art about them, just beying friends?
Of cours you can! Because this is an "love" group, doesn't mean you can't submit art about them beying just friends.

7. Help, someone is trolling me on the group! What do I do?
It's the best to mention it to the Founder (JackXAngelicaforever) or one of the Co-Founders, they can try to help you. And the troll will be blocked from the group.

8. Can I submit dumb art to this group?
Yes, but if we get the impression that it's hate art, this will immediatly be deleted, within 24 hours, by one of the Co-Founders or the Founder herself.

9. I made a drawing of another Don't Starve character, then Wilson and Willow, can I still submit this to the group?
Of cours you can! We have a special gallery folder made, just made for the other DS character's.

10. Can I submit them together with one of the other DS characters?
Yes you can, as long as both Wilson and Willow are in the same pic.

11. Can I submit comic's/stories?
Yes, you can, even as the other characters are in it. But Willow and Wilson must be in there.

12. Can I submit a drawing, JUST about Willow or JUST about Wilson?
Yes, you can. Because it are the characters where the whole group thema is all about.

13. Can I post hate comments?
If you even DARE to do that, you are immediatly blocked!

14. Can I become a affiliates?
Yes you can! Just ask it in the message bar, and you'll get an response within 2-3 days. ;) If it takes longer then 2 or 3 days, you can always contact the Founder or Co-Founders.

15. Can I start a rollplay here or an conversation here?
Yes you can, here is the chatroom, for this group:…
If someone is stalking you in the chatroom or is beying mean, please contact the Founder or Co-Founders! This problem will as soon as we can, be solved.

16. Can my deviantion be featured?
This folder is more made for our personal faves, but you can always contact the Founder or Co-Founders to ask, if your Deviantion can be featured, with a little luck it will happen. ;)

17. I am not a fan of them as a couple, but I see them as friend of close rivals, can I join?
Sure you can~! Even though this is more a shipping group, the group also stands in the thema of them beying just friends. ;)

18. Can I make a group icon?
At the moment we like this icon the best, but if you want to start a contest about it, or want another one, feel free to ask.. ;)

19. Can I make a journal entry?
Afcours you can! But ask one of the Founders or Co-Founders first, we really want to know where it's all about, and if it's a hate or trolling journal, it will immediatly be deleted and you will be blocked from the group.

20. Can I post comments on the begin page here?
Yes you can, afcours... :D But we are pretty strict with conversation and when we find out that there are any hate comments post around her, the person can be blocked from the group...

21. When can I be blocked?
There are a few rulles around here:
1. Respect others opinions, and they have to respect yours to (If you don't like his/her opinion, you may tell him/her that, but PLEASE behave yourself a little in that case and don't act like a little child).

2. Don't be rude and don't post hate comments anywhere (It depends on how big the hate is. If you just say: I don't like this couple... =/ Then we are okay with that... But there is a chance that we will dissable the comment. I mean... Why are you around here, if you don't like these two together! But if you are like: I don't like this couple but I can see them as rivals, friends, just very close friends or just people who know each other. Your comment can stay, but don't be angry with the consequanty's, there may be other people around who can become pretty pissed of by your idea. The Founder and the Co-Founders have to respect your opinion, even if you hate one of the characters).

3. Don't stalk the group, or someone around the group! We people want our own privicy as well. And we don't like it, if people keep looking through our art, just to post hate comments, about how much they hate this couple, or that there is a bad couple then this. If you ship Wilson X Wendy or Wilson X Maxwell, we are okay with that, but please, don't bother us, just for likeing this couple, or those two as friends. This is a group, so we can share our opinion with each other, we get to know the otherside of those stories, etc. And if you still do this, and you are a member or just a visitor, we can block you, whenever we want to.

Is everything clear? Any questions? Contact the Founder or Co-Founders~! Have fun~! :D

Icon made by: :iconleehalea:

Group Info

This group is special made for all the people who support Wilson The Scientist and Willow The Firestarter from Don't Starve together, as a couple, as family or anything else related to them.
This group is made so we can all come together, talk about them, and find out that we are not the only people who support them together as a couple.

Any questions? Contact the Founder or Co-Founders~! Have fun~! :D
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Aug 8, 2013


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